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As the weed gone legal, many things changed in this time period and you can easily find some of the best games online about weed. Hempire is one of the popular games, which is all about city management. However, you will be growing weed in this game and collecting sufficient amount of resources. This game is available for Android and IOS with the in-app purchases option. So, this freemium isn’t entirely free to play.

Cash is the primary currency in this game whereas diamond is the premium currency. You can earn both currencies in many ways. However, if you can’t get the sufficient amount then there is one great alternative which is to use Hempire cheats. Progression becomes easier with the use of such programs and there are thousands of gamers using it. This is my personal Hempire review and I am mentioning some of the best tips which helped me.

Some of the tips are based on my experience which can easily help you progress faster. Get ready to get a deep dive of this amazing game.

Quick Select

So, this is time to begin with a great hit and quick select is one of the best option to help you out. You can find this option at the bottom right corner. There are total four buttons here and each of them is for different thing. It can help you getting around the game with ease.

Bottom button is to visit growing house directly whereas there is one more option to take you to lab, one for house and the last one is important. This button help you keep an eye on plants and whenever they need watering, you need to pay a close attention.

If you skip it then chances of facing issues are higher. Get used to all option as soon as possible otherwise chances of facing issues are higher. On the other hand, you should use Hempire hack to obtain cash and diamonds.

Keeping the game open

You can find the game requires close attention very badly and if you are a short burst gamer then it isn’t a good game to go with. Here, you can find some of the best options but the keeping the game open is worst issue.

You need to keep on water plants and if you don’t pay attention or spend time on them then trouble begins. You lose resources and plants don’t grow well. However, if you focus on plants and water them on right time then they will grow better. You will get five points as bonus on proper watering.

Increasing Mastery

Being master in this game mean making your schedule to open the game on time. For example, you can open the game in right time like when it need water. If you are going right and watering properly then you will get more out of plants and it is easy also. Most of expert gamers are not playing this game whole time. They have decided a little time which make them get the best out of it. This will help you improve the chances of finding some of best buds. You can easily find the epic buds in the game. It will make things easier to you.

Tasks with items

There are plenty of tasks where you can get some of awesome rewards. If you don’t want to mess up with a single thing then it will be better to rely on tasks with items. You can easily complete most of the tasks and get rid of all the issues.

You can find some of the great deals to fulfill and most of them are easier to complete. Examine the list of reward and check what the best in that is. You can find cash most of time but there are experience point as well as hardware supplies. These supplies can be expensive on the purchase but you can get it way easily by this method.

Not interested in such methods? Well, you can try out hack which will ease up your work and make things easier. It is widely used method and you can rely on it. There are some easy to do things like fixing benches and few more. Who doesn’t love to complete such tasks? These are way better than spending money on in-app purchases option.

Always grow your plants smartly

Once you have completed the tutorial, you need to unlock the handy mandy’s shop. It is the first building you need to unlock for taking your steps forward. When you visit this shop, then you can grow the features of your house as well as the shed. In addition to this, you can also unlock the other features like the temperature unit. You can get access to these features only after installing the lights. With the help of these lights, you will get amazing bonuses for your plants.

When it comes to growing plants, players need to take every step in a smart manner. It is also important for players to choose the right temperature range for specific plants. Try to plant multiple plants of the same type to make the most out of the ideal temperature.

Weed on wheels

After making progress in Hempire, you are able to rely on Wanda’s deals in order to get cash. These deals are similar to the other deals available in the game. But these deals will give you more time to accomplish them as compared to the other types of deals. Instead of getting a bonus, you can grab a significant amount of cash. The standard deals are not offering the same amount of cash. When you find Wanda’s deals, it is important to accomplish them as early as possible to claim your bonuses. Try to gain advantages of these deals to enhance your progress.

Pay close attention to the gameplay

When you begin to play the game, then you need to get assistance from the tutorial and tweaks. You shouldn’t forget to pay close attention to what you are doing. Whether you are growing more strains of weed or growing plants, pay your appropriate attention. Every time you harvest a fully grown plant, you will get the bonus bud. The type of bonus bud will depend on the type of plant you have grown and also the techniques of watering it.

Along with these things, you also need to know some crucial things related to the game. When you grow plants, then you should keep in mind that they require a specific waiting time for watering. Try to properly water the plants in order to claim your bonuses on different occasions.

Tips to increase your mastery

While playing Hempire, it becomes important for players to take the right steps on time to get the desired success. Keep focusing on each and every aspect of the game to make the most out of it. It is not possible to increase your mastery of a plant without implementing the right tips. And that’s why players should try to grow the plants in a perfect manner. They also need to hit all the right watering times for increasing their mastery of a plant.

With the help of this, players can get a good number of bonus buds. In this way, you are able to get the epic bud in the form of a reward that may benefit you later. Players shouldn’t miss watering the plants and focus on growing them in a right manner.

Accomplish the deals to get rewards

Plenty of deals can be found in Hempire Hack that you need to complete in order to grab your rewards. Every deal offers unique rewards, and you should keep this thing in mind. All rewards are not equal, and that’s why you need to know about the deals that offer amazing rewards. When you complete these deals, you can get rewards in the form of cash and experience. Usually, some deals also offer item rewards that you can grab by completing them.

These items are really beneficial, and that’s why it is advised to prioritize these deals. Try to complete the deals as more as you can in order to grab your rewards. Try to make the most out of the rewards that you are getting with the help of accomplishing different deals.

Make the upgrades smartly

Players should make some important upgrades in the game to make progress faster. Players should focus on upgrading some buildings as early as possible. For making upgrades to some buildings, you need some special items. You just need to tap on the item that is required for making upgrades in order to know where you can find it. Try to find all these items quickly to fulfill all the requirements and to make upgrades faster to proceed.

You may face many difficulties while finding some items to make upgrades. If you require some watering cans, then you can find them quickly, whereas many items are out there that are hard to obtain. Put your best possible efforts to find the right items for making upgrades to different buildings.

Tap on the quick select area button

While playing the game, you can see four buttons on the bottom right corner of the screen. These buttons are known as shortcuts for the different facilities in your weed plantation. If you are willing to access any facility quickly, then you should tap on the respective button. To get to the growing lab, you need to tap on the bottom-most button.

This button is the quick select area that can be used by players on a regular basis. With the help of this, they can easily monitor the plants and get success in watering them. Along with it, they can also take care of other tasks in the game.

Final Words

There is weed on wheel and it is quite helpful and reliable. Make sure to optimize it on time and it will provide some of amazing benefits. As told, Hempire Cheats will be a great solution so you can optimize that too. Progression will be easier. Hope, my Hempire review will help you be the best gamer in nick of time. It is really easy and make things reliable.